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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What information is available for view on the Employee Online website?
  Paystub information is now available online. This information is identical to the information printed and mail/delivered to you each payday on your payroll advice or paycheck.
2. Will all paychecks be viewable on the Employee Online website?
  Yes, each employee will be able to view their paystub information.
3. Why is the City offering Online paystub system?
  Providing online paystubs is considered a first step in providing employees secure online access to their personal employee information.
4. When will my paystub be available online?
  Paystubs will be available online on payday. Please remember that online display does not guarantee availability of funds. Confirm your deposit with your financial institution before expending those funds.
5. I see a new paystub listed in my list of paystubs; does this mean that the funds have been deposited in my bank account?
  No. The posting of a paystub online does not guarantee the receipt of funds by your financial institution. It is recommended that you confirm receipt of direct deposit funds with your financial institution before expending those funds.
6. What is the earliest pay data available?
  Payroll data dating to January 2000 will be available for viewing.
7. How long will my paystubs be available for viewing online?
  Payroll data will be available for viewing until your employment with the city has ended.
8. Will there be a printable version of the paystub?
  Yes, you may print your paystub from Employee Online. You will also still receive your biweekly paystub from your pay clerk.
9. Who can I contact if I need additional information or have questions regarding information displayed on my paystub?
  Please contact your pay clerk.
10. Will I be able to access my online paystub after I leave the City?
  No, the website is only accessible to current City employees. Employees who require access to their paystub information after leaving the City will be required to contact the Finance Department/Payroll.
11. How do I sign up for, or change, my direct deposit account information?
  To sign up for or make a change to current direct deposit information, employees need to complete a Direct Deposit Authorization form. Completed forms should be submitted to the Finance Department/Payroll..
12. Who has access to my online paystub information?
  Your online access is available only to you with your secure password.
13. How do I register for Employee Online Access?
  Click on Sign Up Now button. Enter All the fields to create Online Account. Login using the account created.
15. Does my password expire?
  Your password never expires, you can change your password once you login.
16. I have forgotten my password. How can I find out what it is?
  You can have your password sent to your email address. Click on the link “Forgot Password” on the logon screen and fill in the requested information. Once this process has been completed, your password will be forwarded to you.
17. How long will my session last after I login?
  Your session will last for 10 minutes after your login.
18. How do I locate my Employee ID#?
  Your Employee ID# is located at the top middle portion of your paycheck or remittance advice.

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