Neighborhood Action
May 03, 2010 03:48 PM 


Call the Mayor's Office to join or for more information - call 810-766-7346

bullet The residents of the 9th Ward envision a safe and clean community that offers activities for all ages. 9th ward residents believe their ward is a desirable place to live in the city.

bullet Thread Lake was mentioned most by this group as both an asset and opportunity in their community.
bullet They would like to see property and housing development on the site complete with boating, canoeing, fishing and walking and bike trails. They also want the boat dock fixed;
bullet The closed Cody school was vied as an opportunity to house a teen club for the youth as well as educational opportunities for the community;
bullet The corner of Dort and Mohawk was the opportunity for improvement most cited by residents of the 9th ward for its prostitution activity. They would like to see a police mini-station at this corner to curb this activity;
bullet The Flint Golf Club was viewed as a strong asset for its green space, ability to attract people to the area, and how it's presence in the 9th ward helps keep housing values up;
bullet Insight is highly valued by residents of the 9th ward for its social services it offers to the community (substance abuse, and mental health services)
bullet Residents would like to see more business opportunities on Fenton Road and at the GM Tech center;
bullet Residents also expressed an interest in having the McKinley Center re-opened.

bullet The strategic priorities for Downtown were taken from the 4 wards that comprise the Downtown area. The top 4 priorities are listed below.

1.    Public Safety
2.    Human Services (especially seniors)
New/Improved Housing Options
5.   Economic development
6.   New/improved housing options
7.   Building/property code enforcement
8.   Parks, trails, recreation

February 4, 2010,  Insight,  1110 Eldon Baker Drive

Public Safety
Establish crime watches
Monitor late night illegal activity in neighborhoods from Dort Highway


Economic Development
Recruit new businesses to mall on Atherton and Dort
Increase access to healthy foods and groceries
Create reuse plan for East Town Bowl



Clean up Thread Lake
Install guardrails Upgrade street lighting
Improve lighting
Assess and repair sidewalks
Increase pedestrian safety on Dort Highway
Organize Neighborhood Clean ups
Install pavilion and boat launch at Thread Lake
Create bike trail at Thread Lake
Demolish vacant commercial buildings

February 24, 2010,  Lincoln Park, UMC,  3410 Fenton Road

  • Public Safety
    Recruit volunteers for mini-stations
    Reinstate community policing/foot patrol

    Enforce existing laws-including
    parking ordinances
    Increase surveillance for vice crimes
    on Fenton Road
    Monitor bars and liquor stores on Fenton Road

  • Economic Development
    Encourage residents to support small businesses

  • Additional:
    Review lane pattern on Fenton Road
    Slow traffic on residential streets Clean up Fenton Road
    Clean up Fenton Road
    Convert railroad into trail for public use
    Investigate unlicensed salvage yards
    Cut and maintain vacant lots
    Ensure businesses comply with local ordinances
    Explore long term plans for Cody school
    Maintain Cody school

March 15, 2010, Ignite Flint Foursquare 4510 South Dort Highway


Public Safety
Enforce existing laws- including speed limits
Enforce posted hours and close gates at night at Famumwood Park
Improve Safety at Freeman School
Promote security for residents around the railroad bed
Enforce existing laws - including curfew


Economic Development
Diversify types of businesses


Assess water quality at Thread Lake
Repair curbs Repair street lights
Patrol and clean-up abandoned railroad bed
Clean up and fix baseball fields at Farnumwood park
Create an area for ATV's away from residential areas
Allow boats on Thread Lake
Improve building, safety and blight code enforcement
Create safe places for kids to play basketball etc. out of the streets

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