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Public Act 63 of 2011 introduced the Economic Vitality Incentive Program.  The program allows  an eligible city, village, or township to receive 1/3 of the maximum State Shared Revenue amount for each of the three categories for which they fulfill the specific requirements.  The three categories are Accountability and Transparency, Consolidation of Services, and Employee Compensation.  Detailed information regarding each category can be found in Public Act 63 of 2011.

The Performance Dashboard, in conjunction with the Citizens' Guide and the next fiscal year projected budget, fulfills the first requirement of Accountability and Transparency.  The City is providing statistics regarding fiscal stability, economic strength, public safety and quality of life for all citizens to view.  Other financial information can be found on the Finance Department's website

Munetrix - Citizens' Guide to Finances
City of Flint's link for Performance Dashboard, Citizens Guide and FY14
Projected Budget

View the City of Flint Long Term Debt Schedule

View the Certification of Consolidation of Services

View the
Revised Certification of Consolidation of Services Revised April 27, 2012

View the EVIP Certification of Employee Compensation

Read additional information about the State of Michigan's Economic Vitality Incentive Program.

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