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  1. How is the council organized?
  2. How many council members are there?
  3. How long is a council office term?
  4. Who qualifies as a candidate?
  5. When are council meetings held?
  6. Where are council meetings held?
  7. Who can address a council meeting?
  8. How long is the Mayor's term?
  1. The Council elects it's own president and vice-president. The council president appoints chairpersons and vice-chairpersons to various committees.
  2. The city is divided into nine wards each represented on the City Council by one elected member. Each Councilperson represents approximately 15,640 people.
  3. Council members are elected in odd-numbered years and serve a four-year term
  4. Any registered voter residing in the ward to be represented is eligible to seek nomination to the Council position. To qualify for the ballot, a candidate for City Council must submit 100 valid signatures of voters registered in the ward in which the candidate resides. Petitions are submitted to the office of the City Clerk where they are checked for valid registration and to prevent the duplication of signatures. Once certified by the City Clerk, the candidate's names are submitted to the County Clerk to be added to the Primary Election Ballot.
  5. City Council meets on the second and fourth Monday of every month at 5:30 p.m.  Special meetings may be called by the Mayor or by any two (2) members of the Council upon twenty-four (24) hours notice to each Council member and the public stating the purpose of the meeting.

    A special meeting that is called a City Council meeting requires posting for eighteen (18) hours.

    Committee meetings on the Wednesday before any regularly scheduled Council meeting.

    Councils Special Affairs Committee meets at 4 p.m. prior to any regularly scheduled Council meeting. These times are subject to change.
  6. The Council conducts it's business in the Council Chambers or in the Committee-of-the Whole conference room. Both are located on the third floor of the city hall building. On occasion the Council can meet at other locations.
  7. All citizens have the opportunity to be heard at all regular meetings of the council.  If a member of the public is addressing Council at a scheduled public hearing, he or she gains recognition  from the Chair by standing. If a member of the public wishes to speak on any other matter before Council,  he or she shall submit a statement in writing containing his or her name, address and the topic to be covered. This statement will be put into a box before the Council meeting begins. This box is located at the entrance of the Council Chambers.
  8. In accordance the Flint City Charter, the Mayor is elected to a 4 year term. 


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Phone: 810-766-7418
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3rd Floor City Hall
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