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8/30/2014 EME4942014 Resolution to Rowley’s Wholesale for Specialty Lubricants/Oils (Water Treatment Plant)
8/30/2014 EME4932014 Resolution to Ace –Saginaw for Asphalt Paving Materials (Various Departments)
8/30/2014 EME4922014 Resolution to Chemco for Cationic Polymer (Utilities)
8/30/2014 EME4912014 Resolution to Hach Company for Hach Lab Supplies (Utilities)
8/30/2014 EME4902014 Resolution to Knoblock for Hardware and Hand Tools (Various Departments)
8/30/2014 EME4892014 Resolution to Power Plus Engineering for Switchgear Maintenance and Repair Services (Utilities)
8/30/2014 EME4882014 Resolution to Office Depot for Office Supplies (Various Departments)
8/30/2014 EME4872014 Resolution to JGM Valve Corp. for Chopper Pump Repair Parts (Utilities)
8/30/2014 EME4842014 Resolution to Arnold Sales for Janitorial Supplies (Various Departments)
8/30/2014 EME4832014 Resolution to Approve Repayment to United States Department of Housing and Urban Development $4,996.00 for 2014-CH-1001 HOME Audit Findings (Planning and Development)